Forgotten love

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  • Nama Om
  • Syamakunda Radhakunda
  • Radharani Syamasundar
  • Samsara
  • Sri-Guru
  • Forgotten love (ukrainian version)
  • Gopala
  • Forgotten love
  • Gouranga
  • Brahma-Samhita

About the album

The first album by Atmasfera, «Forgotten Love», was published in 2006. Mixing and mastering was done by famous Ukrainian sound-producer Yurii Lych. The album turned out to be very atmospheric and deep – meditative. It was the fruit of ethnic musical experiments and transcendental mantras. It was created in one breath as some songs were taken from the "Return» project, which the girls Kalindi & Yamuna made before Atmasfera was formed. They spent many long evenings in Lviv immersed in transcendental sounds, looking for interesting musical sounds to add. Drummer and percussionist Taras Melnichenko also played in Atmasfera during this period. He brought an interesting rhythm with Turkish darbuka. If you enjoy ethnic music, exotic musical instruments, and light folk - you will regret missing out on hearing this album. Are you looking for depth of thought, high spirituality in music, or a meditative mood? Then this album is definitely for you. For those who are fond of delicate melodies, harmonic vocal, and esthetic music - the best present for your ears will be Atmasfera’s «Forgotten Love» album.

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