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  • Intro
  • Where should I go
  • Bala
  • Almost
  • Lonely night
  • War-part-I [Tetralogy Apocalypse]
  • Inside-part-II [Tetralogy Apocalypse]
  • Inspiration-part-III [Tetralogy Apocalypse]
  • Life-part-IV [Tetralogy Apocalypse]
  • Voice of the Wind
  • Fly away (Lety) [Bonus]
  • Almost (Radio version) [Bonus]

About album

The phenomenon of Ukrainian music ATMASFERA band released third album called «Internal» in 2012. As before, we have a high quality world music, as the album combined musical culture of versatile nationalities and folk music includes elements of many countries.

Popular music portal described AtmAsfera’s new album «Internal» as «powerful and electric». It’s hard to disagree. You can feel it pretty well in fast songs that are present in abundance in the «Internal» album. Moreover, fast tracks dilute typical for the band lyricism very harmoniously. Such songs as «Bala», «War» and «Fly away» perfectly demonstrate corporate style of AtmAsfera band. After all, in addition to stylistic features, emotional manner of performance plays a significant role, like a message, coming from the performers. While listening you might have impression (and that’s the way it is) that not only the songs were written at different times, in different moods, but also in different places and even different parts of the world! Geography of composing songs is incredibly wide. As the musicians say, they «were seeking inspiration in Ukraine and Poland, Norway and even Sweden». By the way, during writing the album period the band changed its members: new guitarist Misha Puzyurin joined the band. The album title «Internal» means «inner». Indeed, according to the musicians, the important things are coming from deep inside, they are always with us, but we often do not hear them. Apart from the dynamic songs «Bala» and «Fly away», which were already mentioned above, the disc pleases listeners with melodic ballads «Almost» and «Lonely Night». Emotional peak of the album was reached by the song «Where should I go». The song of the wandering wind «Voice of the wind» is about «life as long as eternity». The new album can be described as emotional and stylistic peak of the Ukrainian band. The album can be characterized as the end of a particular creative age in AtmAsfera’s music. The new album included many songs that were composed by Alexander Goncharuk and Igor Sas.

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