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  • In...
  • Endless Story
  • Another world
  • Whisper
  • Flower and the Wind
  • Kozak
  • Gucul
  • Every Step…
  • Namaste
  • Whisper (Radio version)
  • Gucul (Radio version)
  • Every Step… (Radio version)

About album

The second album was recorded in Kiev in White Studio and published in 2011. Mixing and mastering was again done by sound producer Yurii Lych . More drive songs dominate in this album, and «ATMASFERA» band’s music itself becomes more dynamic, orchestral sound is added and Ukrainian ethnic motives appear (compositions «COSSACK» and «HUTSUL»). However, even with the change of form, the essence remains the same. Ethnic style changed its coloring – became more diverse and richer, so to speak. There are folk compositions of different styles and nationalities. As a result, this album is considered to be a symbol of union of all nations. It’s a real World music. And the name «integro» means «integrity», «reunion». But reunion is not concerning music only, but some true emotion that emanates from everybody’s heart. We are all different in this world and everyone has different ethnic pattern, certain сharacter and various patterns in music. Yet the desire and sincere emotion to be alive and real are common in each of us. The only real rhythm for all people’s hearts on this planet is the rhythm of love, the rhythm that we always play and want it to be played in each of our listener.

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