January, 2018

Kazakhstan for us – sincere and open people


Last month we promised to tell you about our journeys to other countries.

The first country we would like to write about is Kazakhstan. The first time we went to this wonderful land was in August 2013. Our friends and fans from the Yoga and Meditation Studio Chintamani arranged our performance at the etno-esoteric festival 4E and helped with all the organization issues.

It was an incredible journey that became very important for us. From that time on, Almaty is one of the most favorite places we do our best to go to every year.

And what is so unusual in this place, that attracts us so effectively?

Our greatest impression about Kazakhstan are the people.

They are very open, easy to connect with, love to chant mantras with us and are great at being friends!

They are incredible. I remember how we were making decorations for one of our concerts. We gathered at our home every night, sang and made origami. This lasted a few days. And before the concert we decorated the stage until late at night, by the light of the moon. And even passers-by, children, mothers and young people came up and stitched the origami decorations together with us.
It was very special.

And in general… It is a characteristic of concerts in Almaty that from the very first notes everyone is smiling and happy, and sing mantras with all their strength.

As for the friendship… Already after the first trip we made so many real friends who are always ready to help us in any situation.

When we arrived in 2017 there, we found out, that according to the 4E festival poll, which was held in social networks , ATMASFERA band is the most beloved and expected guest of this festival. It’s very nice

The second thing that impressed us very much
about this country – is its incredible beauty.

It enchants and envelops you as soon as you get off the plane in Almaty. The Tien-Shan mountains with their snow-capped peaks seem to grow before your eyes and you feel the warm mountain air that you wish to inhale with all your lungs.

On our last trip we discovered truly amazing nature preserves: the Charyn Canyon and the Singing Bar khan. For three days we shot videos for our new song there! When you wake up amongst such beauty, you feel as if you are on a different planet. But I think this will be a separate story 🙂

The truth is that every trip to Kazakhstan has been a discovery of something wonderful for us. Once, we had the chance to visit one of the largest freshwater lakes Issyk-Kul (in Kyrgyzstan). We have also been to the Big Almaty Lake with its strikingly natural turquoise color, and climbed the Chimbulak. It is a very nice ski resort at an altitude of 2500 m.
From there one can go on to reach more than 4000 m in altitude.

Our third biggest impression about Kazakhstan are our AtmaCamps there,
or to be precise – the atmosphere on them.

It is a three-day immersion in the world of yoga and meditation, camping in the fresh mountain air in the middle of the Almarasan valley. Around 200 people joined us and many of them gladly helped set up tents and decorate them, lit a fire, cooked with us. This family and creative atmosphere is difficult to describe with words.

We had hatha yoga at dawn, drumming class among trees, mantra music chanting by the campfire, fire show, amazing mantra divings…

We are filled with positive emotions and happiness due to the fact that mantras have touched the hearts of many people. It is important for us when people feel that our music is more than just words and notes. We share our lifestyle, Vedic knowledge and priceless techniques that we have been applying in our life for many years. By resting their heart and mind in the wonderful sounds of the mantras, a person is able to be relieved of many problems because the transcendental sound fills one with happiness and peace, and this is what we have experienced ourselves.

Kazakhstan for us is first of all – sincere and open people.


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