January, 2021

Deep Meditation.
Gauranga Breathing | Live


We would like to invite you to watch our new video:

“Deep Meditation. Gauranga Breathing | Live”

is a deep dive and relaxation with friends among the snow-capped Carpathian Mountains. Turn on this track and listen to it on good speakers or headphones

From time to time our mind needs a reboot and relaxation. Breathing practice with the mantra GAURANGA — is very good for this.

Meditation with the Gauranga mantra is both deep yogic breathing and concentration on the mantra. This is a great method of relaxing our nervous system and restoring health and discovering a true spiritual understanding of our true self, the nature of this world, the nature of love, peace, and happiness.

Meditation with yoga sounds (mantras) cleanses our consciousness of the pollution that has accumulated in our hearts over millions of lives and gives a taste of true love and freedom.

You can learn about the benefits of meditation and about us by watching these videos


Meditation has helped us find answers to our deepest questions and has become a part of our lives. We hope that our videos will help you learn more about meditation and get this precious experience.



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