October, 2017

Mantra diving in Wroclaw (Poland)

Festival BEZTROSKA invites you again on November 5, 2017 to the city of Wroclaw on Beztroska after party with the music band A T M A S F E R A from Ukraine.

Our guests are a melodious band from Ukraine, which uses ancient sounds in sanskrit – mantras; they plays music in the style of indie yoga music. They have been practicing bhakti yoga for over 10 years and are vegetarians. Through their creativity, they inspire people to do self-knowledge all over the world.

We want you to be carefree as children, and at the same time, we invite you to an important journey deep into ourselves.

Immerse your heart and mind in this healing yoga meditation music and experience the deep inner peace of harmony and happiness made possible by powerful, ancient mantras.


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