February, 2018

ATMASFERA and the Ringo Starr&Friends project – are the winners of the american RoundGlass Music Awards – 2018


The Ukrainian multi-instrumental indie-band ATMASFERA won one of the main prizes in the prestigious American RoundGlass Music Awards – 2018. They won the “Enlightened Musician of the Year” category and Ringo Starr of The Beatles won the “Song of the Year” category.

The prize winning songs were: «Now the Time Has Come» by Ringo Starr & Friends band headed by the legendary drummer and «In The Depth» by Atmasfera. The video clip by Jessica Kelly named «Little Thing» won the best music video award.

The RoundGlass Music Awards defines the most progressive performers, whose music changes the world for better. The winners can be found at www.facebook.com/RoundGlassMusicAwards.

The private award ceremony took place on the 26th of January 2018 in The Edison Ballroom in Times Square, New York. The band was nominated in the three main categories – “Song of the Year”, “Enlightened Musician of the Year” and “The Best Music Video of The Year” and a total of 72 groups from all over the world were competing for these prizes.

During the ceremony 14 awards were presented in different nominations.

Music Awards 2018 ATMASFERA

For us the prize from RoundGlass Music Awards came as a real surprise as the application for participation was submitted without us knowing about it by our friend Victor Bulyga, the director of the international film festival “Misto Mriy”. However, the most surprising was the Award concept itself. This Award distinguishes not only the music but also the deeper messages which are delivered by the music to the world. It gathers musicians around the topics of wellness, peace and environmental consciousness of humanity. And this is in the exact direction we are working towards today. So the “Enlightened Musician of the Year” Award is a recognition for us which indicates that we are on the right path.

The winning song “In the Depth” also became one of the soundtracks to the documentary film by Oleksandr Avscharov “Odesyty na Donbasi” dedicated to the events in the ATO zone in Ukraine. The film premiere took place in September 2017 and won the prize in the nomination “Musical Video” at RMKF “Misto Mriy”.

The song “In the Depth” was suddenly born thanks to a magical instrument – the harp, which we brought from Norway. The song conveys our innermost aspirations for the world where nothing separates us from each other – neither kilometers of roads, nor language or skin color. The world where there is no politics or diplomacy, in other words the inner world which exists in the depth of us all.

The ATMASFERA band creates music in the world- and indie-yoga music style. In their compositions they combine instruments from all over the world, ethnical motives with modern sound, while lyrics are ancient mantras and Sanskrit. The activity of the band is focused on our inner world, with deep feelings and emotional experience.

In the future you will most likely see the band on foreign musical stages rather than in Ukraine. However, based on the words of the band members, they are actively preparing for a tour across Ukraine this year as well. And quite soon their music will be heard in the concert halls of Lviv, Kyiv, Zaporizhya and Odessa.


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